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Time flies and it is time for Innovations Conference again.  Same as the last 10+ years, we will be setting up or booth at the conference and are delighted to have to stop by to say hello.....


Release date: March, 2017

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Major reform is to be made in English examinations in China

In an International Symposium on Language Assessment and Evaluation held in late 2016, Ms. Lin Huiqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education of China, announced that her Ministry is working to produce a quantifiable framework....

Shanghai adopts item pool authoring in English examination of Gaokao

2017 is the first year that China adopts the reformed Gaokao (Chinese college entrance examination), in which English examination, which is now treated as a .....


ATA Academic Assessment Authority under ATA Holds News Conference on Strategic Financing in Beijing

On February 23, 2017, ATA Learning Data & Technology (Beijing) Limited (AAA), a subsidiary of ATA focused on education evaluation, held its news conference on strategic financing at Park Hyatt Beijing, announcing that......

A bit of China

English education in China

Important moments for English learning in China over the past four decades....

Medical career lost its appeal for top students

Medical degrees are gradually losing its appeal among college candidates on the Chinese mainland ...

2017 2nd International Conference on Knowledge (ICOK 2017)

21st to 23rd April 2017
Chengdu, China    

The 2017 4th International Conference on Society, Education and Psychology (ICSEP 2017)

6th to 8th May 2017
Macau, China 


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